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Eureka and Arcata, California

Arcata Books

959 H St., Arcata, CA 95521 || (707)822-1024
A nice place to look for books, with the added fun of using rolling library ladders for the higher shelves. Good selection, good prices.

Booklegger Used Books

420 2nd St, Eureka, CA 95501 || (707) 444-2378
A good used bookstore, fun to hang around in as well as shop; shelves going in all directions make it a challenge to follow the section, but that just adds to the thrill of the chase.

Right down the street from Eureka Books. You can see Otter's truck, Red Sonja, parked outside the store.

Eureka Books

426 2nd St., Eureka, CA 95501 || (707) 444-9593
A good bookstore in a beautiful building. The fiction section just goes on and on and on...Friendly staff and a wide-ranging collection.

Booklegger Used Books is right down the street as well.

Tin Can Mailman

1000 H St., Arcata, CA 95521 || (707) 822-1307
Who can resist a name like this? Evidently, the original owner was the postman on a South Seas Island and had to deliver the mail by swimming from the boat with a cord around his neck attached to a waterproof tin can, which held the mail...

A good used book store, fun to look around; they have a room full of older books; the children's book shelves in this room are especially good.

They also have a big dollar book sale every Saturday outside the store. And Arcata Books is right down the street!

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