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I'm looking for a few good books...

There are a few authors and subjects I'm looking for; this list seems to get bigger all the time! Choose one to see a list of books I'd like to buy.

I'm looking for books in good reading condition. I am not interested in first editions or other expensive copies-reprints are fine. I don't care who the publisher is. Unless otherwise noted, I'm only interested in hardbacks, and unless a specific illustrator is mentioned, I don't care about illustrators.

I have extra books by some of these authors I'd love to trade for others I don't have- look at the bottom of each list to see what's available right now.

Talbot Mundy

Georgette Heyer

James Branch Cabell

P. C. Wren

H. Rider Haggard

Rafael Sabatini

Oz Books

Books about the French Foreign Legion

There are lots of other books I'm looking for too...

You have probably already figured out that I love to visit used book stores. I've taken pictures of many of my favorites, and here they are!

If you can't get to any of these bookstores, here are some good places to look for used books on the Internet; I'll add more as I find them.