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San Diego, California

Adams Avenue Bookstore

3502 Adams Ave, San Diego 92116 || (619) 281-3330
A good bookstore, with a couple of excellent resident cats. Lots of nooks and crannies, a good selection, and good prices. There's a book fair on Adams Avenue once a year, at the beginning of June...the one time I was there for it, it was fabulous, bookstores, vendors, music, food and they had closed off the street so shoppers could wander up and down safely...lovely.

Efrem Emerson Books

1033 7th Ave || (619) 702-5049
How can one resist a bookstore with an inflatable copy of The Scream in the window? A small store, but worth a look, staff are friendly and helpful.

The Prince and the Pauper

3201 Adams Ave. San Diego 92116 || (619) 283-4380
If you like children's books, this is the place. They tend toward the collectible end of the market, which means that many books you never thought you'd find will be here, often in amazingly good condition...but priced to reflect that. Still, many treasures to be found, at good prices, and this store has a lovely parrot rather than a cat, a refreshing change!

Wahrenbrock's Book House

726 Broadway, San Diego || (619) 232-0132
OK, this was one that Mr. Otter had to drag me out of. Three floors of joy, and I just kept finding things I had missed the first couple of times through. Good prices, great stock, truly an amazing bookstore.

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