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The only thing better than finding a book you love, is finding it at the lowest possible price! Otter

Here are some good search sites for used, rare and antiquarian books on the Web. I didn't include any that don't have search engines. If you know of a good one that is not included here, please let me know! And take a look at the books I'm looking for and my favorite bookstores.

This one is a meta, it searches most of the sites below and is very fast, nice!

Second fav-a very good search engine.

Okay, Amazon is the big boy of any kind of book buying, but they don't always have everything and sometimes the prices are outrageous...shop around. Having said that, I usually buy used/very good for almost any book on amazon; the quality is fine, the prices are often better than anywhere else. Just remember that there'll be $4.00 shipping per item for books unless the seller belongs to Prime.

Powell's Bookstore-used, new, and out of print books. A great real-life bookstore too!

Ebay is an auction site, a huge one; I have excellent luck with their book category; it's well worth checking a couple of times a week. Be sure to check some online sources before bidding, it's easy to get carried away!