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Otters love cooking AND camping!

Now, I have to admit, to me 'camping' means that I get to take my pickup truck, Red Sonja...I do NOT sleep on the ground.
I also insist on certain evidences of civilization...plumbing, for instance. If you're a serious backpacker, this is not the site for you.
But if you want to pack some good food in your ice chest along with your camping espresso maker, try clicking on some of these recipes!

Here's a list of
cooking supplies
that I consider essential for
comfortable camping...
Bob wants to go camping too!

Tell me about your
favorite camping cooking!

Click on the name of a recipe to see it. To print any of these, click on the recipe and then click on print.

Dijon Chicken Tandoori Chicken Marian's Veggies and Dip Roasting Corn,
Potatoes and Garlic
Hot Dogs with Chili

Check Otter's favorite recipes and also recipes for using a crock pot!