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Fiddle Links

I've has been fiddling for a while now, and love it. Who could believe that something that is so hard could also be so much fun? I'm about evenly split between Old Time and Celtic tunes, love them both. If you know of any good tune sites that I've left off my tune site lists, or you just want to talk about fiddling, please email me! Here are some of my favorite links:

Harmon's Peak and Fox on the Town

Santa Clara Valley Fiddler's Association

Fiddler Magazine - Home Page...they have great bumper stickers too!

FIDDLE-L Mailing List

I generally order my strings on the web; currently, my favorite cheap place to get just about any kind of fiddle strings is Concord Music

And for fiddle (and other instruments) T shirts and more excellent bumper stickers, don't miss Harmonia's Big B.

A Fiddle Fairy Tale

I'm always looking for new tunes, so I have indexes of tunes in music in standard notation, sound files, and ABC notation.. I've also included a list of lyrics sites, if you want to know the words. Otter says, Happy Fiddling!