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Here are sites where you will find sound files for fiddle tunes. If the same site includes music in standard notation or ABC notation it'll be in more than one section. I also have a bunch of lyrics sites, if you want to know the words. Or see a handy dandy table that lists all of them at once!

Airs, Ballads, Ditties, Folksongs, Hymns and War Songs

Allen's Music & MIDI Page

Ancient Music of Ireland

Blackshade's MIDIs

The Carp Camp Tunes

Celtic MIDI pages

Chris Ricker's Fiddle Page

Ed and Carol's Old Time MIDI Archive

Fiddle Fingers: Fiddle Tunes

Fiddle Fingers: Irish Tunes

Fiddle Fingers: Scottish Tunes

Fiddle Fingers: Swedish Tunes

Folk music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and America

Folk songs of the World

Geoff Grainger's Folk Music Index

Hamish Davidson's MIDI Archive

History in Song

Ireland Trad

Kitchen Musician

Lennart Sohlmann's Swedish fiddle tunes

Lorrie's Treasure Trove of Tunes

Missouri Old-Time Fiddling Learn-A-Tune

Musica Viva

Northumbrian Traditional music

Rob Blakeley's Irish Tunes

Rod's Oldtimey Tunebook

Sydney Scottish Fiddlers ABC tunes

Taylor's Traditional Tunebook

Trad MIDI page

Traditional Music of the British Isles

Tunes from England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and the USA

Virtual Tunebook